Welcome to the Emerge on-line Learning Zone

This is Emerge's on-line Learning Zone. Depending on the development journey you are taking with Emerge you will be able to access and do different things in the Learning Zone. For example you definitely be able to:

    • Download handouts
    • Access further information about the topics covered on your event
    • Record your learning and achievements
    • Download aide-memoirs and planners
    • Message your trainer and others in your group

You may also be able to:

    • Join a community of people who have been on the same journey
    • Watch videos of the skills and model covered on your course
    • Join forums to share your experiences
    • Upload your successes for others to see
    • Share videos and files of your own with others in the community
    • Take part in quizzes and tests

Want to Know more

If you want to know more about Emerge and what we do you can visit our main website at www.emergeuk.com  message us on info@emergeuk.com or ring us on +44 (0)1329 820580

What We Do

Our facilitators and coaches are able to deliver soft skills training across a wide variety of disciplines including, but not limited to the following:

Coaching Skills Development

Executive Coaching

Leadership Skills

Executive Development

Change Management

Management Skills

Talent Development Programmes

Time Management

Personal Organisation

Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills

Anti Bullying & Sexual Harassment Training

Unconscious Bias Training

People Management

Cultural Change Programmes

Transformational Programmes

Sales Techniques

Customer Experience

Interview Techniques

Essential Business Partnering

Employee Engagement Programmes

Gender Parity Development

Facilitation and Presentation Skills

Project Management

Inclusion and Diversity

RISE - the Empowered Women's Programme




by HR Director - Pharmaceutical Company on Emerge UK "We've been using Emerge for several years and I am always impressed with their professionalism and pleased with their delivery. So many consultancies listen to what you think you need and then shape this into something that they already have - Emerge are different they take time to really understand what you're seeking as a client and then check that they are really meeting your objectives. This coupled with some great trainers and facilitators, great admin back up and an open approach to doing business, is why we've kept using them and intend to in future!"